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I know the letters on the keyboard

We use reading and math programs that require usernames and passwords so teaching your student to be familiar with where the the letters are on the keyboard is very advantageous. 

Don’t worry, its nothing crazy. Focusing on finding the letters of their name on the keyboard is a great start. Some keyboards are in Uppercase and some are in Lowercase and some usernames will use numbers so it’s a great way to practice all their other Kindergarten Readiness skills!

We’ve prepared some printouts for you that will help introduce the keyboard to your student without needing to use an actual keyboard. A great way to start is to help them find and color the “keys” that have a letter from their name. There are also lots of other teaching tips in this file so have fun, get silly and creative, and customize it to your student!

We also like to use to teach them how to use their computer mouse! if you’d like to try it at home, feel free!