Special Services

Careylyn Nez : Special Services

Careylyn Nez | Special Services

My Email: careylyn.nez@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Whatever I am currently reading

Favorite Drink: Sprite with strawberry puree

Favorite Snack: Popcorn or Chocolate

Favorite Hobby: Spending time outside with my family

Lina Hermida : SPED Aide

Lina Hermida | SPED Aide

My Email: lina.hermida@washk12.org

Tonya Foster : SPED Aide

Tonya Foster | SPED Aide

My Email: tonya.foster@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Mary Higgins Clark Mysteries

Favorite Drink: Iced or Hot Coffee

Favorite Snack: Kettle BBQ Chips

Favorite Hobby: Love being outside, especially in Water

Luika Griffin : SPED Aide

Luika Griffin | SPED Aide

My Email: luika.griffin@washk12.org

My favorite book: any type of romance and mystery 

My favorite drink:  the Waikiki from swing, coke zero, or water
My favorite snack: chips Ahoy and crunchy Cheetos
My favorite hobby: knitting and spending time with my family 

Karter LeFevre : SPED Aide

Karter LeFevre | SPED Aide

My Email: karter.lefevre@washk12.org

Favorite book: Helter Skelter
Favorite drink: Dr. Pepper Cream Soda
Favorite snack: Takis
Favorite hobby: Cooking

Taylee Torres : PE Aide

Taylee Torres | PE Aide

My Email: taylee.torres@washk12.org

Amy Werrett : Speech/Language Pathologist

Amy Werrett | Speech/Language Pathologist

My Email: amy.werrett@washk12.org

Favorite Book: The Nightingale

Favorite Drink: Ice Water and Bai Pomegranate Juice

Favorite Snack: Dark Chocolate and Honey Mustard Pretzels

Favorite Hobby: Reading and Playing the Flute


Kariann Christiansen : Special Education Teacher

Kariann Christiansen | Special Education Teacher

My Email: KariAnn.Christiansen@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Farmer Boy

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke extra lime

Favorite Snack: Chips and Salsa or Alfredo's flour tortillas

Favorite Hobby: Quilting, Sewing, Cross stitch, and traveling to new places with family

Shari Smith : Speech Aide

Shari Smith | Speech Aide

My Email: shari.smith@washk12.org

Leslie Wheeler : Speech Aide

Leslie Wheeler | Speech Aide

My Email: leslie.wheeler@washk12.org

Favorite Book: The Hiding Place

Favorite Drink: Cherry Pepsi

Favorite Snack: Currently, pop corners 🙂

Favorite Hobby: Snowboarding, yardwork, reading, and quilting

Hettie Fitzgerald : Sped Aide

Hettie Fitzgerald | Sped Aide

My Email: hettie.fitzgerald@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Charlette's Web

Favorite Drink: Pepsi

Favorite Snack: Cookies

Favorite Hobby: Sewing and Reading

Sally Keil : SPED Aide

Sally Keil | SPED Aide

My Email: sally.keil@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Pete the Cat

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite Snack: Anything chocolate with nuts

Favorite Hobby: Fishing 

Andrea Mayne : Playground Aide/ ELL PARA

Andrea Mayne | Playground Aide/ ELL PARA

My Email: andrea.mayne@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Favorite Drink: Pepsi

Favorite Snack: M & M's

Favorite Hobby: Going to plays and musicals with my mom and daughter

Mike Young : Counselor

Mike Young | Counselor

My Email: michael.young@washk12.org

Favorite Book: Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Favorite Drink: Mt Dew

Favorite Snack: Reese's Take 5

Favorite Hobby: Gym and Puzzles

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