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Administration and Office

Jennifer Eggleston : Principal

Jennifer Eggleston | Principal

My Email:

Favorite Book: You are Special and Corduroy

Favorite Drink: Fruit waters from Fiiz or Pick Me Up!

Favorite Snack: Fruit, Cinnamon Rolls, or Nothing but Bundt Cake (yummy!)

Favorite Hobby: Being a Grandma

Jennifer Moxon : Counselor

Jennifer Moxon | Counselor

My Email:

Favorite Book: Anything History related

Favorite Drink: Sprite 0

Favorite Snack: Strawberries

Favorite Hobby: Anything Outdoors, Anything in the Water, Playing with my Grandkids, & Sewing

Ashley McMurray : Learning Coach

Ashley McMurray | Learning Coach

My Email:

Favorite Book: Hunger Games

Favorite Drink: Light Lemonade

Favorite Snack: Chips

Favorite Hobby: Hiking

Meagan Sosa : Reading Intervention

Meagan Sosa | Reading Intervention

My Email:

Favorite Book: The Day the Crayon Quit

Favorite Drink: Iced Vanilla Coffee

Favorite Snack: Cereal 🙂

Favorite Hobby: Decorating royal icing cookies

Jill Olsen : Registrar Secretary

Jill Olsen | Registrar Secretary

My Email:

Favorite Book: These Is My Words, Nancy Turner or anything Historical

Favorite Drink: Fruity waters, Dr. Pepper on crazy days!

Favorite Snack: dark chocolate, any and all!

Favorite Hobby: Quilting and Reading

Deeanna Phelps : Finance Secretary

Deeanna Phelps | Finance Secretary

My Email:

Favorite Book: A Bad Case of Stripes ( I don't read grown up books)

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

Favorite Snack: Twix and Cheetos Puffs

Favorite Hobby: Graphic Design

Kellie Spendlove : Lunch Secretary

Kellie Spendlove | Lunch Secretary

My Email:

Favorite Book: The Grate and Terrible series and The Walk series

Favorite Drink: Water with pebble ice

Favorite Snack: Cashews and organic dried mangos

Favorite Hobby: Sewing for myself, my children, and especially my grand children 

Julia Fortune : School Nurse

Julia Fortune | School Nurse

My Email:

Favorite Book: Les Misérables

Favorite Drink: Strawberry Lemonade

Favorite Snack: Cookies or White Cheddar popcorn

Favorite Hobby: Hiking and Boating