Gabriella Campanella : Paraprofessional

Gabriella Campanella | Paraprofessional

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Marie Nelson : Paraprofessional

Marie Nelson | Paraprofessional

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Karley Garrett : Paraprofessional

Karley Garrett | Paraprofessional

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Naomi Holt : SPED Aide

Naomi Holt | SPED Aide

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Shari Smith : Speech Aide

Shari Smith | Speech Aide

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Leslie Wheeler : Speech Aide

Leslie Wheeler | Speech Aide

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Hettie Fitzgerald : Sped Aide

Hettie Fitzgerald | Sped Aide

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Stephanie Katich : SPED Aide

Stephanie Katich | SPED Aide

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Sally Keil : SPED Aide

Sally Keil | SPED Aide

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Katrina Litster : SPED Aide

Katrina Litster | SPED Aide

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Verdon Waite : Take Home Library Specialist

Verdon Waite | Take Home Library Specialist

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Shanna Heaton : Wellness Room Aide

Shanna Heaton | Wellness Room Aide

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Norie Becker : Teacher Aide

Norie Becker | Teacher Aide

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Lori Gubler : Teacher Aide

Lori Gubler | Teacher Aide

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Kristi Patterson : Teacher Aide

Kristi Patterson | Teacher Aide

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Autumn Allen : Teacher Aide

Autumn Allen | Teacher Aide

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Andrea Mayne : Playground Aide/ ELL PARA

Andrea Mayne | Playground Aide/ ELL PARA

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We are the Three Falls Falcons. Every student counts... Every moment matters. 

Three Falls Mission Statement

We will create a respectful environment through teamwork, character building, and high expectations, where we achieve and progress.  

School Vision Statement

Our core values:

Teamwork, Character Building, High Expectations.

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