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Letter Names and Sounds

Letter Names and Sounds

We would love for our students to know the name and sound of each letter in their name. If you master that, then feel free to move on to other letters! We LOVE using the “Letter Factory” video to introduce the names and sounds of letters. It’s fun, animated, and uses actions, visuals, and music to teach! You can find the YouTube videos below.

We also love the “Letter School” app. You can download it from the App Store and try it for free! It can help with letter names, letter sounds, and writing, as well as numbers 1-10. It’s definitely worth a look!

We often use two websites in school to help with letter recognition. You can click on their images below to explore them with your student!

We have prepared an “I Can Write My Letters!” printable for you to print at home. They can practice every letter in the alphabet in both Uppercase and Lowercase. It also provides a blank lined paper that they can practice writing on their own once they’ve mastered tracing the letters!

*Pro tip: If you slip the page into a sheet protector, your student can practice writing on it with a dry-erase marker. With this method, you can reuse the page over and over again!