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Community Council

Community Council meetings are as follows:

Rules Of Order For Community Council

Simple Motions of Parliamentary Procedure

Adjourn yes no no majority
Amend a motion yes yes yes majority
Close nominations yes no yes 2/3
Main motion yes yes yes majority
Point of Order no no no ruled on by chair
Previous Question yes no no 2/3
Reconsider yes yes no majority
Withdrawal of Motion no no no majority
  • A tie vote is a lost vote.
  • A main motion may be amended.
  • Nominations can be closed by saying, "I move to close nominations."
  • Most motions are main motions.
  • A point of order is offered when there is some question if procedure had been followed correctly.
  • To stop debate or discussion on a motion and force the vote, a member would say, "I move the previous question." This requires a second and a 2/3 vote
  • Hasty action may be corrected by use of the motion to reconsider.  This motion may be made only by one who voted on the prevailing side.
  • A person who made the motion may withdraw the same motion.

Community Council Meeting Dates and Times for 2016-2017 School Year

Place: Library
Time: 3:45


September 14th

November 2nd


January 11th

March 1st

March 29th

May 3rd 

Minutes for September 14, 2016

Meeting minutes

September 14th, 2016 3:45pm-4:45pm


Brad Jolley

Rachelle Christian

Paul Hill

Kathy Campos

Chauncey Turley

Debbie Houghton

Absent: Jana Campbell, and Marsha Tribble


Chauncey Turley


Old Business

  • Go over School Plan for 2016-2017 created by past council.
  • Expenditures
  • Goals

New Business

  • Calendar meetings for the year
  • Select Officers
  • Proposals

Old Business

  • Mr. Jolley brought copies of the Three Falls EL School Plan 2017-2017.  This was made last year by the council from this year.  We reviewed it, and wanted to make some adjustments.
  • Total Expenditures for the year are $44,000.00.  Estimate 630 students enrolled this year.  Actually 700 enrolled.
  • Mr. Jolley proposed modifying how money is used, because of increase of student enrollment.

New Business

  • Calendar meetings for 2017-2017 School Land Trust Council.  They will be held in the library at 3:45 pm on the following dates:
  • November 9th
  • January 11th
  • March 8th
  • MARCH 29th
  • April 1st is the due date for the new Trust Plan for 2017-2018.  Mr Jolley will submit these plans online. No meeting on this day.

***If Cub Scouts would like to attend the meetings, it fulfils the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge requirements.***

  • The Officers for the Community School Land Trust Council are:
  • Chair: Jana Campbell
  • Responsibilities include: Sending out reminders for the meetings.  Creating an agenda and getting that to the secretary before meetings.  Complete training at the County School District in October 2016.

Vice Chair: Paul Hill  

Responsibilities include: assume the responsibilities for Chair as Chair Elect if needed.  Help Chair with delegated duties.  Complete training at the County School District in October 2016.

  • Secretary: Chauncey Turley
  • Responsibilities include:  Print agenda from Chair and have it ready at the meetings.  Take minutes of meetings and submit them to Mrs. Maravilla to post online.  Complete training at the County School District in October 2016.
  • Proposals from Mr. Jolley which were unanimously voted in favor for where:
  • Hire one high ability aid at $9,000.00 (not two as of the plan) and put the other $9,000.00 towards more chromebooks for the classrooms.  
  • Possible donation of 50 Ipads from private donor.  If this happens, we will use the money reserved for the 30 Ipads on the Trust plan for more technology.

Next Meeting

November 9th, 2016.  Three Falls Elem. library at 3:45pm.

Next Meeting Agenda Items

  • Review the proposed changes from last meeting
  • Possible ideas for reading with the elderly at the Beehive Homes
  • Ideas for field trips centered on Reading, Math, and Writing


Emails of council to Mrs. Maravilla

Jana Campbell

Paul Hill paul.hill@usu.edu

Chauncey Turley chaunceyturley@gmail.com

Kathy Campos jumpyk81889@gmail.com

Rachelle Christian rachelle.christian@washk12.org

Debbie Houghton  debbie.houghton@washk12.org

Marsha Tribble   marsha.tribble@washk12.org

Brad Jolley on school file